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appleton 21Appleton 21 Dark Rum is a coppery, tawny hued blend of rums Originating from Jamaica, It’s produced by Appleton Estate, which’s 265 years old, highly reputed sugar estate. 

Due to its aroma and rich flavor, it got featured in top-notch rums. This rum is a fusion of several rums and as the name implies, each rum is matured for a minimum of 21 years. It’s blended in American oak barrels and then kegged again for another 2 years to conjugate the flavors.

Fast Facts About Appleton 21 Dark Rum

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Appleton 21 Dark Rum Notes

In a snifter, it reflects classic rum (tawny/copper) color with a bit sweet and dry aroma of Oak and Chocolate. Upon sipping, one gets the wafts of vanilla, toasty cashews, and a pleasant hint of brown sugar that holds all the flavors together. There’s slight sweetness upfront followed by a nutty flavor underneath. Delightful tropical notes of fruits with a little orange zesty flavor comes after a rich liquor kind of taste. The woody oak presents a strong taste on the finish however it’s nice and balanced. The notes of oak, tobacco hints, and the slightest burn smoke mark the perfect finish. 

Tasting Notes

Nose: Luxurious nut-like, Deep Vanilla, Oak Woody Notes, Orange Zest

Palate: Thick and Powerful; Citrus, cocoa, Spicy with a hint of nutmeg, Zesty Taste notes.

Finish: Long & dry having a delicacy of brown sugar’s sweetness

Appleton 21 Dark Rum Appearance

Bottle and packing 

The packaging of Appleton Estate 21 was reformed in 2012. The style was updated from a blue short and stumpy bottle to the flagon design. Also, now the rum bottle comes with a cork stopper, previously they used a metallic screw cap. The current classic appearance justifies the lavish taste of the rum. Each bottle is uniquely numbered and arrives with an age certificate having a sign of the master blender on it.

Rum Itself 

Appleton 21 Dark Rum is blended by the master distiller. Approx. 12000 bottles are produced each year. Though the blend differs year to year, it’s well taken care of to maintain the same profile of rum each year. The smooth mouthfeel and perfect texture results from 21 years old rum combined and later again fused for 2 years. Apple 21 is a dark, dry, and spicy rum yet, it is balanced so well that it tastes like a heaven’s delight to rum drinkers.

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Appleton 21 Dark Rum, Personal Take

Appleton 21 is a Dark rum that is a bit drier and is on the spicier side. It’s created by the fusion of rums, all matured for a minimum of 21 years. Altogether, it makes a rare combination which is the reason it’s worth every penny. After blending the matured rums, it’s kegged in American Oak barrels again for 2 years, so that all the flavors get fused brilliantly.

Final Thoughts

Classic sippers should consider trying this old aged rum. Though it’s a bit expensive on the pocket, the depth of flavors within this single bottle of rum is worth the expense. This beautifully balanced and skillfully blended rum can be a perfect choice for Christmas eve or birthday present for a real rum lover.

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