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angostura rumDr. Siegert began The Angostura white rum company in 1824. He prepared the formula for aromatic bitters and made the white oak rum. The company, later on, moved from Angostura-Venezuela to Trinidad. Today, Angostura old oak white rum is considered one of the superior and leading brands in Trinidad and Tobago.

It is one of the finest white oak rum of the Angostura brand due to its authenticity, mixability, and smoothness. The white oak rum aged in American Oaks barrels (no age information has provided by the company) and filtered to crystal clear white. The main ingredients of this famous Angostura white oak rum are pure island stream water, molasses, and yeast ferment for three days. 

Fast Facts about Angostura Rum Old Oak White

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Angostura Rum Old Oak White Notes 


  • The initial nose has a fresh citrus fragrance with the lime notes. 


  • The first taste hits the tongue with spice and some smooth notes of peaches in the syrup. 
  • An extroverted Angostura white rum Old Oak with great flavors will surely make a tasty daiquiri or mojito. 


  • Angostura  rum Old Oak White emaciates with a mellow sting and citrus zest taste with a dry oak finish. 
  •  Dry-yet-fruity, medium-long finish manifested canned peaches and molasses finish. 


The first impression of Angostura White rum Old Oak is bewitching as it is crystal clear white rum. The crystal clear color, the aroma of canned peaches, and flavor depict its authenticity and compelling appearance.  

Bottle /Packaging

The packaging is appealing and charismatic. The first year (1824) and the brand’s name has inscribed on the glass bottle that proves the authenticity and originality of the brand. Moreover, the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) features a keystone design on the bottle. The overall outlook of the white oak rum is drop-dead impressive for the white rum lovers.

Rum Itself 

The Angostura white rum Company ages the old oak white rum in ex-bourbon barrels and filtered twice to ensure its purity and clarity. The white rum is one of the finest and exceptional rums of the Angostura brand due to its light flavor. The clean and pure silver rum with creamy flavor continues its popularity to this day in Trinidad. Its fresh citrus aroma, smooth notes of canned fruits in syrup make it different from other silver rums. 

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Angostura Rum Old Oak White, Personal Take 

The Angostura white rum is the leading and one of the oldest products of Angostura Company. It is considered the best selling silver rum in Trinidad, St. Vincent, and Tobago because of its finest ingredients that include Caribbean molasses and neat procedure of distillation. 

Final Thought 

Angostura white rum is well-reputed and most popular because of its packaging and subtle flavor. It is undoubtedly a clear and smooth white rum that would be a little funky but would be an influential and ideal sipper for daiquiris and a variety of cocktails.

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