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Admiral Nelson Spiced Rum

Admiral Nelson Spiced Rum is a type of spiced rum. It got its name, Admiral Nelson, after British naval idol Admiral Horatio Nelson. It was formed by Luxco, a small company that owns a few unknown brands of spirits.

But now Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. has acquired the production rights of Admiral Nelson’s family of rums from Luxco, Inc. 

Admiral Nelson Spiced Rum is a traditional spiced rum distilled from molasses. It’s aged with caramel colorings and savory spices which are carefully selected for Admiral Nelson rum’s signature bold, sweet, and spiced flavor.

Fast Facts About Admiral Nelson Spiced Rum

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Admiral Nelson Spiced Rum Notes

The brand of Admiral Nelson is the fastest growing brand in the industry of spirits around the world. It has a unique and bold taste that made it the second-largest selling spiced rum in the United States. It is not boozy at all and can be sipped straight. Admiral Nelson spiced rum is for those who love the kick of apple pie in their drink. The spiced rum has a bit sweet taste with hints of cinnamon, it feels smooth and rich on the palate. The finish is clean, short, and simple. With all these qualities, this rum is also budget-friendly.

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Slight gingerbread and cinnamon notes that are assisted with vanilla flavor.
  • Palate: Smooth and rich, with savory spices, blended perfectly with hints of soft caramel and vanilla.
  • Finish: Balanced, clean, and short. 

Admiral Nelson Spiced Rum Appearance

Bottle and packing 

Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. introduced new overhaul packaging. It is showing Admiral Nelson standing, wearing eyepatch with his tight pants, the hero is still smiling at you in front of the bottle. The volume of a bottle when purchased is 1.75 liter with alcohol by volume of 35 percent. 

Rum Itself 

Admiral Nelson spiced rum is not boozy at all and can be sipped straight without fusing with any cocktails and cokes. It has bold, sweet, and savory spiced flavor. Spiced rum is crafted by the traditional method of molasses distillation with savory spices and caramel colorings. It is aged in wooden barrels for two or more days in a dark place.

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Admiral Nelson Spiced Rum, Personal Take

Admiral Nelson spiced rum is a type of spiced rum, which is made by the classic molasses distillation method. It is a pocket-friendly spirit and best for those who don’t like the stimulant effect of strong alcoholic taste. It is not boozy at all. When mixed with cokes, it gives sweet and bold spicy hints to the taste. It has a clean, simple, and short finish with vanilla aroma and mellow palate.

Final Thoughts

Admiral Nelson spiced rum is for light spirit lovers. It has a bold taste of savory spices with a hint of sweet vanilla, a perfect choice for regular light drinkers. It is budget-friendly and gives a blend of taste when mixed with coke. So, at the next party cheer up with spiced rum. 

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